Diana U.

Thank you for this reminder. I ALWAYS get so much out of your words of wisdom and reminders about life. I appreciate the inspiration to make life better. It's the small things anymore that really matter because the big things are out of our control. Wishing you and your family a GREAT day!

Lara A.

This is such wise advice, thank you Dr Ryan. And thank you for all your helpful content. Kind wishes...

Mary B.

Good morning, Dr. Ryan, and Greetings from South Carolina! I wanted to reach out to let you know how much Jim and I enjoy your daily messages. Today’s was especially meaningful for me and, on the eve of Father’s Day weekend, I shared it with my oldest son. I hope you have a blessed Father’s Day weekend, keep sharing your gift with others!

- Mary B


Thanks Dr Ryan,
So far enjoyed reading your comments, and I managed to read until the end:) Keep it up, keep it simple, no promises, or hacks, or anything else...just the simple facts, that’s all we want... So far I can associate with you, your email are simple one liners, with spaces, not overwhelming.


Happy Wednesday Dr. Wohlfert! Thanks again for your concern for people's health and your helpful info/tips.

- J


Thank you, Dr. Ryan. Very helpful. 🙏

- Tammy


Thank you for this. I am battling the same things and thoughts. I will do my best to use these tools to dig out and stay out of these habits. It's great that you shared that even someone as successful as yourself, gets those blue days and has to work at it. We sometimes forget that part of life, especially so with the age of social interaction via keyboards.

Perry G.

I Appreciate All that you Do!🙏🏼 Blessings to you and your family 💪

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