LIVE Virtual Be Your Own Guarantee Party
Thursday, April 20th at 4pm ET / 1pm PT !

Declutter Your Life BYOG Party

Learn how to create a lighter mind, body and home, and enjoy life-transforming habits so you can show up in a new way when it comes to your physical clutter.

Your BYOG Party Host:
Dr. Ryan Wohlfert

Special BYOG Expert:
Heather Aardema

During the Declutter BYOG Party...

  • Discover why your clutter is painfully keeping you blocked in so many facets of life.
  • Learn what "clutter" actually is (and the various types of clutter)
  • How clutter impacts your mind, body, and health (research supported)
  • A Functional Method Perspective for addressing your clutter
  • 3 tips to embrace as you create a Clutter-Free Home
  • LIVE Virtual BYOG Party on
    Thursday, April 20th at 4pm ET


    About Heather Aardema

    Heather is a National Board & Functional Medicine Certified health coach, as well as a Certified Life Coach. She's a former clutter-bug turned minimalist and the founder of School of Living Lighter.

    A former TV ad executive, she spent two decades convincing people that they needed the latest gadget to be happy.
    Struggling to find deeper meaning in her job towards the end of her corporate career, she couldn't take off her extra weight, her home was cluttered, and life felt complicated and heavy.

    Then, she discovered minimalism—the intentional pursuit of focusing on what matters most by removing the distractions that remove joy from life—and felt herself getting lighter by the day.

    She walked away from corporate, embraced a new way of living, and today has helped thousands tackle their clutter, un-complicate their lives, and lose their excess weight (mental, emotional and physical) for good.

    LIVE Virtual BYOG Party on
    Thursday, April 20th at 4pm ET

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