LIVE Virtual Be Your Own Guarantee Party
Thursday, June 29th at 4pm ET / 1pm PT!

Master Your Brain for Optimal Posture
BYOG Party

Get to know your brain and nervous system thoroughly... And discover how simple brain exercises & neurological drills can upgrade your spinal posture, balance, mobility, and strength. 

Your BYOG Party Host:
Dr. Ryan Wohlfert

Special BYOG Expert:
Joe Stauffacher

During the Master Your Brain BYOG Party...

  • Why and how your EYES and EARS dictate up to 85% of your posture (and examples to prove it)
  • How easy-to-perform VISION drills improve balance & mobility
  • Avoid "negatively" training your brain and spine for weakness (ESPECIALLY if you wear glasses)
  • Simple, POWERFUL techniques to ASSESS if an exercise has a positive response... INSTANTLY!
  • And so much more!

LIVE Virtual BYOG Party on
Thursday, June 29th at 4pm ET


About Joe Stauffacher

Joe is the ultimate renaissance man with a vast amount of education and experience natural health, finance, mindset, marketing, and neurology.

As a Certified Mindset Specialist and a Neurology Coach, Joe is a master at training people how to unlock the potential of the brain and nervous system using simple, practical techniques.

LIVE Virtual BYOG Party on
Thursday, June 29th at 4pm ET

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