BYOG Party Replay: Mind-Body Longevity with Dr. Isaac Eliaz


Are you tired of feeling run down, stressed out, and dealing with nagging health issues? Join leading integrative physician Dr. Isaac Eliaz and Dr. Ryan Wohlfert for an inspiring discussion on how to tap into your body's innate healing powers.

In this wide-ranging exploration, Dr. Eliaz shares his unique insights on addressing chronic inflammation, removing toxins, calming the mind, and unlocking our natural vitality including...

  • Our fast-paced modern lifestyle activates the "survival response", driving chronic inflammation, disease, and poor health. Slowing down and calming the mind is crucial.
  • Look for the "gaps" between your thoughts - this is where deep healing can occur as you access a more expansive state of awareness.
  • The heart is our greatest healer. Connecting to our heart opens us to profound healing.
  • Take Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) daily to regulate inflammation and support heavy metal detoxification. It allows your body to heal itself.
  • Fulvic acid and sea vegetables like kelp provide energy and remove toxins. They are key ingredients in Dr. Eliaz's formula Glypho-Detox which helps eliminate glyphosate.
  • Most cases of gluten sensitivity today are actually caused by glyphosate exposure. Going gluten-free helps with this.
  • Good health requires removing obstacles and creating conditions so your body can do what it is designed to do - heal and thrive.
  • Mental and emotional trauma creates biochemical changes that drive disease. Healing involves addressing this trauma.
  • Regular meditation creates positive brain changes and allows you to access deeper parts of yourself, where miracles can happen.
  • Each person needs to create their own individualized healing protocol based on core principles of calming the mind, removing obstacles, and supporting the body's natural healing systems.

This stimulating exchange provides a roadmap for overcoming chronic health issues by working holistically with body, mind and spirit. Watch the full video to learn more and begin unlocking your innate healing capacity.

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Dr. Isaac Eliaz is a leading expert in the field of integrative medicine, specializing in cancer, detoxification, immunity, and complex conditions. He is a respected physician, researcher, best-selling author, educator, and mind-body practitioner. Dr. Eliaz partners with leading research institutes including Harvard, National Institutes of Health (NIH), Columbia, and others, to co-author studies on integrative therapies for cancer, heavy metal toxicity, and others.

He is founder and Medical Director of Amitabha Medical Clinic in Santa Rosa, CA, where he has pioneered the use of therapeutic apheresis as an adjunctive blood filtration treatment for detox and chronic degenerative conditions.

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About the author 

Dr. Ryan Wohlfert

Dr. Ryan Wohlfert is a Certified Mindset Specialist, Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician and Certified Chiropractic BioPhysics® physician, using a specific spinal rehab & postural correction protocol to help patients resolve chronic pain, and prevent disease & organ dysfunction.

With 23+ years of education and clinical experience, Dr. Ryan has helped thousands correct their spine, upgrade energy & longevity, eliminate dependence on medication, and make simple healthy, pain-free living possible.

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