LIVE Virtual Be Your Own Guarantee Party
Thursday, May 18th at 4pm ET / 1pm PT!

Movement as
Medicine Experience
BYOG Party

Join the party as you move safely through exercises appropriate for osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis or any disc issues. Come prepared to feel how movement can, in fact, be medicine!

Your BYOG Party Host:
Dr. Ryan Wohlfert

Special BYOG Expert:
Jana Danielson

During the Movement Experience BYOG Party...

  • Why "the health of your spine dictates the health of your body." - Joseph Pilates
  • Redefine STRONG: 5 Pilates Spinal Movements to improve mobility, strength, and pain-free living
  • How to BREATHE to optimize health, movement, and vitality
  • The SUBTLE POWER with which these movements can change your body 
  • Participation is welcome & highly encouraged (both with your movement and questions!!)

LIVE Virtual BYOG Party on
Thursday, May 18th at 4pm ET


About Jana Danielson

Jana is an award-winning wellness entrepreneur who through her own experience with physical pain turned her mess into her message which has now become her mission.

She is an Amazon International Best Selling Author, Founder of Lead Pilates and Lead Integrated Health Therapies and the Metta District, her online wellness community.

Jana is the host of the Medicine of Mindset Summit and a member of the Holistic Leadership Council. She is also the creator of the Cooch Ball, the world’s first patented pelvic floor fitness tool for women.

Jana has coached and consulted with tens of thousands of women from all over the world to help improve their quality of life, their confidence, and their impact in this world.

LIVE Virtual BYOG Party on
Thursday, May 18th at 4pm ET

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