Chronic Pain Affects Over 20% Of Adults In The WORLD

Chronic pain has become such a regular thing in America that it currently affects right around 30% of the entire country. That means more than 70 million Americans are in pain every single day.  Making chronic pain the number one cause of long term disability!

By a large margin, the most common treatment for chronic pain is prescribed medication, including Opioids like OxyContin and Vicodin.

The horrible truth behind the rise of painkiller use is that they are often terribly addictive, cost people their physical and mental well-being as well as their independence and lives (50,000 opioid overdose deaths in 2019)... and don’t address the actual causes and solutions for chronic pain.

That's why I created the "Pain to Performance" system.  A proven and field-tested program that incorporates healthy lifestyle principles - exercise, nutrition, sleep, spinal health & mindset training - to break free from the dependence on a very broken pain-care medical system.

I'm Dr. Ryan Wohlfert and that's why I offer these online programs (see below) you can have access to from anywhere in the world!

To help you heal your brain & body, upgrade your energy, and defy aging without drugs, medications, or other unnatural methods...

... and Break-Free from dependence on a broken system.


Pain To Performance Program

Pain to Performance Program are proven & field tested healthy lifestyle principles to break-free from pain and achieve peak performance. 

Its the A-Z system to heal your brain & body, upgrade your energy, function, & performance, and create active longevity.. for LIFE! 

Private & Group Health Training

The top causes for health issues I find with our clients are toxicities, deficiencies, & fixed mindset. My focus is to reveal what's missing in each person's health and create a plan for sustainable health. You don't have to have any official "diagnosis" to work with me. Common symptoms of people I work with include:

  • Brain Fog & Low Mental Endurance
  • Low Energy & Chronic Tiredness
  • Cognitive Decline & Poor Memory
  • Poor Sleep
  • Tension, Sinus, or Migraine Headaches
  • Chronic Pain, Joint Aches & Pains, Arthritis

I've discovered who excels most in my Health Coaching programs whether Private or Group Training. To help you make significant changes in your present & future health, the first step is booking an Initial Health Consultation.

Superhuman MINDSET eCourse

Eliminate The Limits on Your Brain, Performance, & Energy

> Do you overthink or second-guess yourself? 
> Experience self-doubt
> Are you tired of trying and failing
> Do you have limits that are holding you back from the HEALTH and LIFE you want? 

The Superhuman MINDSET eCourse explains why you are chronically stuck, and guides you through how to create sustainable healthy lifestyle habits.

Superhuman Brain Shakes Online Training

Learn Dr. Ryan's 7-Step Formula for creating the ultimate brain energy shakes and smoothies in the world!

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